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Throat infections

Information for the patientThroat infections

A sore throat is most often the first symptom of a developing cold or pharyngitis. When recommending an effective treatment it is essential to remember what caused the infection. In this case it is viruses. Viral infections are the cause of 70-85% of pharyngitis and tonsillitis cases in children of above 3 and 90-95% of adults.

Viral pharyngitis may develop regardless of the age or season. The viruses are responsible for most cases of inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose, throat, larynx, trachea and bronchial tubes and recently their significant role in otitis media and sinusitis has been confirmed. These infections are especially common in small children. The pathogens access the upper respiratory tracts through the throat and nose. The influenza, parainfluenza and RS viruses disturb the functioning of respiratory epithelium and in consequence, often lead to necrotizing changes. This leads to damage in the mucociliary mechanism, which is an innate defensive mechanism of the mucous membrane of respiratory tracts.


Building the first line of defence against throat infections is possible thanks to lactoferrin properties:

  • It is a multi-functional protein existing naturally in the body and representing a necessary element of the innate immune system;
  • It is present i. a. in mother’s milk, which plays an important role in building immunity in babies and small children;
  • Supplementing lactoferrin supports its natural production in the body;
  • It co-creates the first line of defence against viruses, bacteria and fungi;
  • Lactoferrin has a multi-directional, i. a. anti-virus effect. Its impeding effect at the initial stage of a viral infection is especially underlined – the virus is absorbed to the cells. It is about the interaction with microorganism wall and the virus absorption to the cells at the initial stage of infection.
  • Supplementation helps to complete lactoferrin resources and supports its natural production in the body.

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