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R&D - Research and Development

Pharmaceutical operationsR&D - Research and Development

Original research and partnership are the cornerstone of our development.

Our product pipeline includes medicinal products at different stages of development, which ensures sustainable use of financial resources and constant flow of new preparations to the market.

The drugs are obtained in two ways: internally – through conducting own research and externally – thanks to the cooperation with other pharmaceutical companies.

Recordati conducts research in the area of cardiovascular diseases, with special attention paid to hypertension treatment. The company’s efforts within this scope lead to the discovery of lercanidipine, a drug of the newest generation classified to the group of widely applied calcium channel blockers.

Zanipress®/Zanitek®, a combination of lercanidipine and enalapril in fixed proportion is the newest product developed by Recordati, applied in hypertension treatment.

At the same time, research conducted by Recordati focuses on looking for drugs applied in urinary system disorders. Our scientists work on a project of innovative drugs which effect consists in generating new mechanisms in the body and combining known products, which simultaneous action has an unexpected effect on the bladder.

The inclusion of Orphan Europe to Recordati Group enriched the company’s product pipeline with new programmes of rare disease treatment development.